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Monday, September 6, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 21

I'm a bit sick, post-travel. Some sort of chest-cold. Today was spent trying to recuperate and tie up some works in progress.

I had to remake the recipe for my wintertime print piece and take pictures of it. This is fairly stressful for me, as I am just barely a cook, let alone a food photographer. Luckily it was a dish that helped me feel slightly less crummy once it was done with its photoshoot and I could eat it.

I also managed to scan and post all of my trip writing, though that shouldn't really count (at least not until I have more than one follower on this thing).

There was also some bed-ridden knitting on my pattern-to-be. And really, that was it. I poked around at an outline for another column-type submission. But my head felt so fuzzy, that mostly I just rambled for a couple hand-written pages. Here's to a better day tomorrow. 

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Jeff Q said...

I'm sure you have more than one follower.

If not, you have me. And I am a large man, so you can count me twice.