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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 30

One month, down. It has been rough! I still don't have a routine down, but I am feeling the distant drumming of one. Here's what I have managed to accomplish this month, toward my goal of being a writer:

  1. Wrote three blog posts a week at the day job
  2. Wrote a short Diane Arbus essay (late)
  3. Submitted 2 Demand Studios articles on Project Plans
  4. Submitted photo and text for print piece
  5. Wrote three letters asking for recommendations (got one yes, one no, and one dnr)
  6. Pitched an article to Bust
  7. Submitted a column to the McSweeney's contest
  8. Submitted a flash humor piece to The Rumpus (still no word)
  9. Attended a memoir-writing workshop
  10. Lost a writing competition
  11. Finalized my list of schools
  12. Several hours of notes on the hummingbird, glacier, and (now) gradeschool essay
Today was more blog posts for work, and I found another competition to throw the starlings into. I've been worrying that the piece needs a new title--maybe I will submit it with something new and see what happens.

I want to set some concrete goals for next month. Not a million, just a couple. But I will do that tomorrow. If you're out there, thank you for reading and encouraging me.

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