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Sunday, September 19, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 34

This entire day was spent writing. It's amazing how much you can tweak one thousand words... I had a rough draft last night, but finished the draft after breakfast. Then I pushed and pulled at the phrases until I had wrung out as much clarity as possible, in what turned out to be a pretty complex story:

TITLE: The Deciding Vote

SYNOPSIS: In a city torn apart by a burgeoning genocide, can five people look past their assumptions and make a decision that will turn the tide toward peace, or are they doomed to add to the body count?

It's basically a nihilistic ditty that uses genocide and  people's inherent desire to form groups against danger as vehicles to show the absurdity of notions like good vs evil. If I had to analyze it, anyway. It's flash fiction, not epic Russian literature.

Then I did a quick edit (for passive verbs and adverbs) of the starlings essay which I renamed and will be submitting to the American Literature Review competition. It's not like I think the name is the SOLE reason it hasn't made it, but the new title is definitely snappier.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some work done on the grad school application process.

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