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Sunday, June 26, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 311

Here's the problem with Demand articles: I hate writing them so much that I drag ass all day and my productivity plummets with them hanging over my head. I did manage to finish three--but it is totally unacceptable that it took me all day.

It's like I go into stubborn kid mode and dig my heels in until the last minute. It sucks, because I feel like there is a way I could have made better use of the day knowing this about myself.

And yet, like Charlie Brown and the football, I run toward a goal that never succeeds. I tell myself to finish them first, so I can work on more pleasant tasks later. It's a "don't eat dessert first" kind of mentality. And then, all day, I am stuck at the table refusing to eat my vegetables until it's too goddamn late for dessert.

At least I got a bit of reading done (another comic memoir), but damnit: I'm kind of bummed out.


Casey Freeland said...

I think most writers have this issue. But you got three articles done,. so that's cool. What is a Demand article?



Chelsea said...

Hi Casey,
"Demand Studios" is the clearinghouse that I write freelance content for... If you've ever read an eHow or Livestrong article, it was most likely written by a Demand author. The pay is pretty insulting and the topics are often ridiculous, but it beats making zero money writing!

It's frustrating because I put off work on creative essays that would have presumably been more gratifying, to spend the day writing about squash, Christmas cacti, and project management. If they are approved, I will make less than $50. Other writers can apparently make hundreds a day there, but I can't ever seem to crank through more than three in a day.