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Friday, June 24, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 309

My current hangup is WHY.

In fiction, they call it the arc. But I am not sure if that's the right term for nonfiction, maybe it is. I've mentioned it before and maybe it will always be my biggest doubt. The only way to know why I want to write this stuff is to just keep doing it and hope for clues along the way, but what about the question of why anyone would want to read it?

There are structural issues, still. That's part of it. I need to improve my copy editing skills. Or, I need to slow down and be more diligent in my edits. But that's not the main reason I doubt my abilities. I still make too many poor decisions in my prose. I'm too uptight; I don't let enough of my own voice out--and this is because while I really want to enchant, entertain, and educate my reader, I doubt my ability to do so as myself.

I have always tried to adapt to my environment, blend in, get along. But if the environment is a blank page I need to define rather than assimilate and I am much less adept at that. I get so hung up on making "good writing" that I forget to first, just write.

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