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Saturday, June 11, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 297

How long did I last before I came slinking back to Demand articles? Two weeks?

I spent all the little bit of money I saved on books and coffees. And now I need new tires before I move to a town with actual winter. Demand is the only way to make more money right now, since I still can't seem to sell any decent writing. And every other penny is going toward getting out of debt.

Now that June is almost half over, the next seven weeks will speed by. I am supposed to get back in shape, write several essays, read a big stack of books, and study Spanish. And try to make $400 off Demand. That's about 26 articles. I am hoping to finish three tomorrow.

In cheerier news, I finished Never Cry Wolf in two days. I am taking a break from the official reading list to Read Andre Dubus' Townie.

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