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Sunday, June 12, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 298

We descend, we descend. First, time takes too goddamn long to hurry up and get over with its long, hot, trafficful days. Now, it comes rushing past, like school kids heading for the buses after the final bell, an unstoppable babble.

I finished three Demand articles today. I need to finish an average of five a week from here on out to make enough money for the tires and the few other things I need. I will do my best to finish them early each week so that I can spend the weekend working on my other writing.

I started Townie today, and finished an essay in Alimentum. I have this huge backlog of lit magazines that I really want to read--so I decided to focus on the essays, as trying to read them cover to cover was too daunting.

I'm hoping to get some bus passes tomorrow that will afford me the pleasure of a little less driving. That will make everyone on the road happier, I think. Not just me.

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