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Thursday, October 21, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 66

I am waiting to hear back on ten (ok, 8) submissions right now. Two are assumed rejected as those sites say, "you'll only hear from us if we want it." A third is likely rejected, though the editor still hasn't responded, even after a follow up. So then there were seven. Those seven include four essays (two are out at more than one mag).

Four feels like a lot to have out. I'm sure it's not for more accomplished writers, but this little bear brain grows weary from hoping in so many directions at once. Of all those pieces I mentioned yesterday, I want to spend the next couple of months working on two of them. The bees and the glacier. I am adding one to the list, too, about a night hike at geology camp in the sixth grade. The bees are for school, and the other two are for contests I plan to enter by January. Other than the bees, I am not setting myself a word minimum, but I am sternly looking in the direction of "more than two grand."

Yeah, I went to geology camp.

I bought some copies of my GRE scores and sent them off. I also printed out transcript requests from my two main schools. That's all I can swing this check, but next check I will try to get the rest (four! because, hell "why not take it for credit if you're going to take it?" = dumbest thing ever) of the transcripts off.  I guess that means I am applying. So far. I can keep backing out up until I have paid the actual applications fees. Hell, up until I lick the stamp on my manuscripts, really.

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