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Monday, October 18, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 63

School days, school days. Dreary, bleary school daze. Or whatever.

All day I looked up promising MA programs, and ultimately added two to my list of schools to which I will hopefully apply. So far one app is for sure, the rest are potential.

Texas Tech (MA - creative writing)
Kansas State (MA - creative writing)
Portland State (MFA - nonfiction)
Penn State (MFA - nonfiction)
University of Arizona (MFA - nonfiction)
University of Washington (MFA - fiction w/ nf concentration)
University of Wyoming (MFA - nonfiction/environment & nat resources dual)

Then I compiled all the application requirements, plus fees (a whopping  $507), and some reasons why each school or program is important to me.

Finally, I put together a draft of my manuscript. It is 27 pages right now, and includes five essays. It would work for 4 of the schools. Two others would require that I leave out one or more pieces, and the last school, Washington, would prefer a mix of fiction and nonfiction. I'm thinking of adding to the piece I posted yesterday as I am currently enamored with it. If I don't love it after tweaking, I may use The Boxer.

Lastly, I sent the manuscript off to two writing teachers and begged them for feedback. Fingers crossed.

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