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Thursday, October 14, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 59

I made it into Round 2 of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction competition. I will get my round two genre/location/object assignment tomorrow at 9pm. This weekend I will be flashing my heart out, so to speak. More on this later, but I am very disappointed with the lack of thoughtful organization on the part of the folks in charge over at NYCM. The second challenge in Round 1 was scheduled over a Jewish holiday, writers didn't get feedback on their first story til the second was done being judged, and didn't get elimination notice until 24 hours before the second round. Would I go through this again? Probably not at this point.

Still not getting up on time. Still going to bed too late. Tonight will be a minor exception. I wrote for a total of 30 minutes today, but just barely. Creative Nonfiction magazine has a twitter account, and holds a contest every Thursday for engaging non-fic in 140 characters or less. Can I count #cnftweets as content (that would add 15 more minutes to my writing time)?  I did three today. This week's topic was "shoes":

  1. After the last fight, I returned his silk tie and bought myself four inch leopard print heels. My swagger spoke little of regret.
  2. A black bird steps out of the pond on ungainly green ankles sprouting huge feet. My laughter is unstoppable, the birder, unamused.
  3. For years she wore heels even as she poured diner coffee for workmen, ran after two kids. Now in sneakers, her steps shrink daily  
Last week, I was actually retweeted by @cnfonline which was a nice boost. No word from editors, but my application to Texas Tech is imminent, thanks to my generous benefactor.

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