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Friday, October 29, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 74

I'm not an alcoholic, but you can still be my sponsor. More on why you shouldn't later.

Today was pretty much a waste. I slept terribly, woke up late, had bus mishaps, and ultimately went home early because I was a walking zombie. Ergo, little writing has occurred. I did finalize some edits on the 4th of 5 pieces from my initial manuscript, and I may just leave the last one out. Or use my Alaska piece. I don't know, I'm still pretty tired.

I also gathered some resources for my 15 page bee essay. Just typing "15 page bee essay" wearies me. But I'm! Going! To do it!

I'm picturing a thesis along the lines of "saving native bees is possible, necessary, and best done by individuals AND governing bodies" or something like that. Then I can include research about dwindling numbers, invasive honey bees, colony collapse disorder, importance of pollinators, and use hummingbirds as the example of how individuals can have as much impact as farmers and legislators. Maybe. Save the bees!

If this sounds like a really stupid research paper, let me know, but only if you have an idea for something else.

About the new sponsor button. A follower wrote to me after yesterday's post and suggested I let people sponsor the 365 project. He had had a few gin and tonics, so I am not holding him to the commitment of
$0.10 per day. But it was an intriguing idea. I thought that after all of the nickel and dime talk yesterday, it would be funny to offer readers the option of sponsoring at $18.25 or $36.50 for a year's worth of posts. Or, a flat $20 to get me a pedicure. Har.

Then, I took a nap. When I woke up, I decided that really, that money should go to or or or or any number of other more deserving non-profits. So after you do that, if you still want to throw a few bucks my way, I have added a PayPal "Donate" button. If you have a website or a twitter, I will add it to a sidebar list of sponsors. If you don't, I will send you a nice postcard. Any donations (except those coming in even $20 increments) will go toward my grad school application fees.

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