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Saturday, May 28, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 283

The apartment is clean, the keys are handed in to the landlord. I don't live downtown any more. I was sad yesterday and couldn't sleep. It was a good little apartment, and a nice enough neighborhood. Already, I miss my commute, the coffee shops, at least one of the nearby neighbors.

I sat down tonight and wrote myself a cheesy letter. I will be turning 38 in the morning, or in a half an hour. I congratulated myself, gave myself some homework for the next month. Here's a summary:

* I gave myself permission to cut the Demand articles for the next month.
* Instead, each weekday morning, I will go on a 30 minute run/walk.
* Each evening, after work, I will come home and write for 45 minutes
* After writing, I will do 30 minutes of Spanish homework
* Weekends are free.

I'm trying this for a month, because living at my parents house can be like a writing retreat (granted, with a job in the middle of each day, but that's for the money--making the debt disappear).

This kind of structure has worked for me before, I think it can again. I'll let you know in a month.

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