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Monday, May 2, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 257

Everything makes me so mad lately. Was I always mad all the time? Is it the heat, too much coffee, not enough exercise? Maybe because I don't smoke much of anything anymore? It wears me out. It weeeeeaaaaarrrs me out.

Today, like yesterday, somehow slipped through my fingers with little to show. I still don't know if my vaccine status is going to be OK with UWyo. I hope I don't need any more shots. I've gotten so many shots in the last week, I'm actually getting teary-eyed just thinking about more.

I had to do so much tech writing that I was too burnt out for anything else. That is such a crummy feeling. I don't know how people with day jobs do it.

I wanted today to be better than yesterday, but it wasn't. I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

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