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Saturday, May 7, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 262

I submitted my final entry into the 52 | 250 project this evening. I am excited about this one because it is a collaboration piece that I wrote with two fantastic writers: Chad Smith and Jeff Questad. I haven't seen Chad since we graduated from high school and I've never met Jeff, yet they are two important parts of my writing community.

Supportive, committed, and game for adventure (evidenced by aforementioned mini-project). And we have the internet to thank for our collaboration.

This last year would have been much more difficult without the virtual Writer's Colony I have been fortunate enough to join on Twitter and Facebook. Almost all of the writers that I regularly speak with are people I have never met, or have met rarely. Yet the feedback, advice, and shared experiences are completely real. It is as real a group as the one I hope to be sitting with in a few short months.

I would like to wax more sentimental about all this, but I've had way too much coffee and sugar at the coffeeshop and I am quite literally shaking with it. I am going to go home and rock out to some amazing music sent to me by another writer, to inspire some packing. PACKING!

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