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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 265

I relived day 263, twice.

The third quarterly from the 52 | 250 blog came out today: Thirtynine And I am in it! You can find me under week #34: Floating Away.

I also found out that was rejected for one special section on Demand and approved for another. Baby steps, I suppose. Already I have added two articles from my new section to my queue that are plant and food related.

You know what's tough? Naming things. Essays, websites, articles. Names are tough. I have played around with Wordle before, for naming essays. But if it's something bigger, like your whole blog, how do you go about doing it? I suppose some among you will just tell me a thing names itself. Like the way a writer I know commented on yesterday's entry saying essentially that fiction isn't something the writer does, but it's an event that happens--you just have to take good notes.

While I like the romantic notions of this idea, it can be a crutch for a dreamer like myself. The dreamy writer says, I only write when the writing hits me like a sack of flour. Well, I can't live waiting around to be bashed in the head with a brilliant idea. Lucky those who can. I want to write every day. Some days it will be inspired, some days it will be drudgery, but it will be my craft and I will be honing it. To those who find their creativity to be like a train, and who can afford (I don't just mean financially) to wait by the tracks, I salute you.

So, back to names. If the name does just happen, then my inability to spot it or suss it out from the jumble or carve it out from the stone is a shortcoming. I'd prefer for the sake of argument then, to pretend it is an answer to be riddled out. I don't know the answer to the riddle, or even the steps for solving it. For now, it's just a lot of dumb-idea throwing and following of tangential ideas.

PS, I am loving the newest Wordle for the blog:

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