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Thursday, May 5, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 260

Remember that one time, when I said there were less than a hundred days until this experiment was done and you guys were so nice and no one called me a burnout who DESERVED 50th percentile on the math portion of the GRE? Yeah. Still not less than a hundred. But my cube chain is getting shorter!

Well, metaphorically, it is. Today's gonna be a new damn leaf: and not just because I had one strong mojito (which I know is Cuban, but I love Cuba, too. And since when does my drinking a margarita today contribute anything worth contributing?) and am a little buzzed. Regardless of that, NEW LEAF.

This has turned into a diary, and that wasn't my intention. It is hard not to slip into that mode, given the format, but I think I have said some things before more eloquently about hard things being good for you. Difficult things, I mean, being good for you. Oof.

Anyway. This is supposed to be about writing, not why I'm sad, or pissed off, or tired. Time to rally!

Today I registered for three of my first four classes. Environmental Approaches, something something compositional pedagogy, and teaching composition mentorship. My last class will be the CNF workshop.

YOU GUYS! Grad school!

And tonight, once this buzz subsides, I will play the role of editor to some CNF that has been submitted to Mixed Fruit. I'm their interim CNF editor. Even though, even though my night essay did not make the Iowa Review competition final round. I still love it, though it IS under review and revision.

That's all. I apologize for all the whining. It's stupid, things are good.

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