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Thursday, May 26, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 280

No post last night as I packed up almost everything but the kitchen sink.

There are things I don't need that I can't let go of: an old box of pictures, an old box of drawings and paintings from art school, old boxes of little art works. Letters from you and me. Remember letters? I kept most of them. They are crammed in an old card catalog box. There's that box of old diaries and that book I painted all over when I had my first ever show at a gallery. Alex Lilly drew a steak in it and I was so happy.

I also hate to throw away utilitarian objects: rubber bands, twist-ties, paper clips. How much time has been wasted hunting for a paperclip to finalize that submission? Or a rubber band to loop-suture one thing against another?

I still need to pack my clothes and bathroom and there is a box worth of stragglers in the kitchen.

These are the things I will have for the next two months:
  • Spanish books
  • Giant thesaurus and some grammar/style books
  • Reading list books
  • Fibery works-in-progress: two sweaters, a pair of socks, arm warmers for a friend, shawl, and afghan
  • Running/yoga gear: heart rate monitor, night light, visor, belt with pocket, mat
  • Laptop, external drive, mouse
  • Two notebooks
  • Clothes, jewelry, toiletries
Those are really all the things I need ever, right? So what's with the ten million other boxes? How the hell did I fit 8 boxes of kitchen stuff into the world's smallest kitchen?

How can I ever let go of all those pictures, letters, paintings? Should I?

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