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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 333

Preparations continue: I gave my notice today. My boss took it very well, even congratulated me.

When I got home, I played around with the new computer a bit. A friend made me a Scrivener deal I couldn't resist, so I downloaded that and started moving some of my strange unfinished snippets into a binder. I'm still getting the hang of the OS, but already things are moving more smoothly.

Notice! That means there are just over two weeks left... and so many things to accomplish:
  • Get new tires
  • Finish manuscript for Colson
  • Finish English Comp homework
  • Pack my bedroom up
  • Buy a set of warm clothes/electric blanket/bike lock etc
  • Write book review for NF
  • Use the last few Groupons I have in town (saving the mani-pedi for the weekend before)
I will be leaving town on day 350, I believe. Seventeen days to go. (EEEEEE)


Marcus Speh said...

good on you, chelsea. day 333 means that day 666 will roll around in no time and imagine how much fun you'll have between now and then. jealous! cheers from berlin!

Chelsea said...

Thank you, Marcus, for reading and for your encouragement, here and on Kaffe!